#ZoneOneDigest: Exploiting Boris Johnson For Laughs

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  • Song Name: #ZoneOneDigest: Exploiting Boris Johnson For Laughs
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  • Year: 2013

This is ZoneOneDigest, the show that recycles other more talented people's shows in a desperate bid for attention right here on the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central London. This week, Zone One Radio took exploiting our City's mayor to its very limit, and also included some other awesome stuff and things:

#LondonLife follow Boris' attempts to open a busking festival and avoid the Paparazzi

#LondonGP conduct the station's first ever French interview with Team Nicuragua, competing in this year's F3

#Techtalkfest chat to Tony Haile, founder of large business web traffic analytics service Chartbeat

And #InGoodTaste chat to Boris Johnson and Raymond Blanc at the opening of the Brasserie Blanc restauranteur apprenticeship scheme and Boris agrees to pose for funny pictures.

Bon Appetit!


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