#ZoneOneDigest: Whither Springtime?

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  • Song Name: #ZoneOneDigest: Whither Springtime?
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  • Year: 2013

This week on Zone One Radio, people went outside and led interesting vibrant lives. Except from presenter of the weekly clipshow Zone One Digest. Stuart Hardy stayed indoors so he could grumble about the cold and present the best of the week on the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central London. This week:

On #LondonGP - Deranged lunatic Matthew Layton braved the snow to go have a chat with professional driver Alex Brundle

#Techtalkfest talked to Cait O'riordan about how she organised the BBC coverage of the London Olympics in a time before the sun vanished.

#Generation3 with owner of Urban record label Souled, Susan Vickers and radio youngster James Levett stayed indoors and chatted about urban music.

And #CommunityProfile investigated how some people can live in London but pay very little rent in a special hunt for the Property Guardians of London's swankiest locations.

With all this and more, well, I don't think there is but there could be, its ZoneOneDigest!


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