#ZoneOneDigest: Sausage and Cod

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  • Song Name: #ZoneOneDigest: Sausage and Cod
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  • Year: 2013

Zone One Digest, the self styled most controversial show on Zone One Radio, is back. People we shall be annoying with our snarky comments this week include:

#LondonGP with @radio_matthew and @avdad of @autosportnews visit the international @autosport_show.

@INTOTHEMIXradio with @ioanholland venture into Charted Waters with special guest @hervespace

@_ingoodtaste Clare Mully talks to author of the Cape Cod Cookbook Kelly Moss @signofthecod

@londonliferadio with @sillymrhawkins make an edition actually on a @thamesclippers @RNLI

All complaints can be directed to anyone except me.


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