#ZoneOneDigest: Nudity and Cheese

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  • Song Name: #ZoneOneDigest: Nudity and Cheese
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  • Year: 2013

Hello internet! Zone One Digest is back with more of the best from Zone One Radio, the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central London. This week:

#LondonGP host @Radio_Matthew talk to Captain Tony Harris of @Race2Recovery about the imminent @dakarofficial the most gruelling motor race in the world. @LandRoverUKPR @z1radio

@_InGoodTaste @anjuldutt visit the Cave Au Fromage to learn about how Cheese should be kept and learn from @JuliaFrey2 how to make traditional Russian cheese fritters.

Also #LondonLife host @sillymrhawkins visit 100% Nude, a showing by @GuerillaGallery @DavidLibeskind space in islington, where people take a mature and artistic approach to people's boobies, fannies, willies and bums.

All complaints can be directed to anyone except me.


www.twitter.com/5tuarthardy and www.twitter.com/z1radio