#ZoneOneDigest: The Good Food Grand Prix

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Zone One Digest! The Best of Zone one Radio, the Mayor of London funded community radio station for Central Lodnon, is back once again!

This week;

#InGoodTaste went to the @BBCGoodFood show to find out if Local Food retail is dying and spoke to founder of Hubbub.co.uk (@hubbubtweets) Marisa Leaf.

Meanwhile, #LondonArts saw Stuart attend the BBC question time drinking game (organised by @unfortunatalie) where he chatted to guest for the evening, feminist comedienne Kate Smurthwaite (@cruella1)

#WhosTheBoss spoke to author, inventor and innovator @CeliaGates about applying ergonic design to household products.

Victoria Ferran (@radio_vicky) watches Claudia Winkelman (@claudiawinkle) turn on the Christmas lights in Marylebone.

And finally #LondonGP sees @radio_Matthew talk to @MyCarterham communications manager Tom Webb

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